Our son Jason

Our son Jason Blight has a job interview tomorrow morning at 9:00 am.

Jamie Gurney says

Jamie Gurney says Gracie goes to court over custody to possibly change visitation rights. Jamie’s nana fell and they spend yesterday in ER. She hasn’t broken anything but is sore. […]

Friends of Claude

Friends of Claude and Nedra Webber’s from Nebraska are visiting. The wife is so thankful for her husband Nick who had covid on Easter Sunday. In the process found out […]

Tients took our

Tients took our homeschool children to Crown Center. A security cop walked in front of our church van and the man told Tients that he watched us every week on […]

Frank said Micah,

Frank said Micah, his son, is doing well after a skateboard accident 2 years ago. He has a new job that is so much better for him. He is working […]